August 14, 2020

Recall Update

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On May 18, 2020, the FPUD Recall Group submitted over 1200 petition signatures to the Election Department for each of the remaining Board Members:  Bell, Cholcher, Cochran, and Wade.  On June 30th, we received the results for each Board Member.  In summary, we were short votes for each member as follows:

 Mark BellLinda CholcherNeil CochranPatty Wade
Signatures needed962962962962
Signatures submitted1224122412221215
Sufficient signatures948935944910
Not Sufficient276289278305
Votes Short to Recall14271852

On July 6th, we met with the Elections Department staff and challenged 250+ signatures for each member that was deemed not sufficient.  On July 13th, we received the results of our challenge, with only 1 signature per Board Member being added. 

The majority of the non-sufficient signatures were from: someone else filling in the address section of the petition (a spouse filling it out for the other spouse); voter registration cards dated after the signature date on the petition; and, approximately 15 signatures per Board Member that were rejected as they did not match up closely enough to the signature on file.

Most of these issues were due to the shelter-in-place regulation and the majority of the community not being comfortable spending time completing all the forms and sections.  Additionally, many of the elderly community who were most at risk were not able to complete the address section of the form due to medical concerns.   During the challenge session with the Elections Department, it became clear that the system in place was not working for us but against us. Many of the signatures were witnessed and we knew were valid but were disqualified as illegible as so many were rushing to sign.

Over the last two weeks, we reached out to numerous attorneys to try and find someone who would file a lawsuit on our behalf but most wouldn’t help us with this endeavor.  Those that said “yes” quoted us a price of $25,000 to $30,000, which was not an option for us.  We ultimately decided to file our own lawsuit and plan to argue our case on our own.  

We, as a group, are confident that we could win based on several lawsuits that have been won nationwide, including in California, to waive some of the address issues, the voter registration issues, or the granting of more time due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

A lawsuit was filed on July 27th and a court date is pending.  Therefore, the RECALL effort is still on-going. 

We are starting a GoFundMe account to raise funds for the lawsuit and to offset the various costs associated with this recall.  Our small group of dedicated community members cannot carry this burden alone any longer and we are looking for the communities’ support to move forward with this endeavor.  Any funds would be returned should they not be necessary.  

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Paid for by Foresthill Community Members for the Recall of FPUD Board Members Cochran, Bell, Cholcher, and Wade.