July 12, 2020

You Rock, Foresthill!

Quick update (5/28): We are still waiting to hear from the Placer County Election department and will change this page with details once we hear from them. This page will not be updated until we have something to report.

Yesterday our group submitted over 1200 signatures to the Placer County Elections Department for each of the four FPUD Board Members being recalled. It is our strong belief we will hit our required target of 960, (plus or minus depending on any new registered voters). The Elections Department has 30 days to determine if all our signatures are valid and if we reached our goal. Once we receive official notice we will share it with this amazing community.

We struggle with finding the words to express how deeply grateful we are for each and everyone who signed, donated time and energy to help us with this insurmountable task. The ability to collect 1200+ signatures during a pandemic with stay at home and social distancing regulations in effect is unbelievable. Most initiatives that required signature gathering have not had good success; but this community has shown its resolve in taking care of one another on a whole new level and for that we should be extremely proud to call Foresthill our home.

We are anticipating our signatures will be validated and will be focusing our resources toward outlining the next steps in this recall. Those steps include selecting potential candidates to fill the recalled/vacant position so they can be added to the election ballot. Please let us know if you would like to serve on the Board. Monitor our website, www.fpudprotest.org, for updates and to contact us with any questions. It is our hope we can have a proper “Thank you” celebration once social distancing restrictions are a thing of the past.

FPUD Recall Group

Paid for by Foresthill Community Members for the Recall of FPUD Board Members Cochran, Bell, Cholcher, and Wade.